Links for 01/06/17

The Trump Transition Team issued this statement in honor of National Migration Week. Oh, excuse me. The statement came from the President and Vice President of the USCCB. I call readers' attention to the third paragraph which seems to suggest that our nation has overcome its bigotry towards migrants. It is true that Italians are no longer subject to restrictive immigration laws as they were in the 1920s, but I know plenty of Latino and African immigrants who still encounter bigotry. And, as for our Muslim immigrants, well, the failure to even mention them is shocking. And, do not overlook the last paragraph. Why is "border security" listed first among the items that constitute "important work" on behalf of a "humane" policy? The border is plenty secure. And, by the by, that offensive "sample homily" is still posted on the USCCB website. The bishops of this country are largely united in their determination to defend immigrants. The Vice President of the conference, Archbishop Gomez, has been eloquent and forceful in addressing the issue when in Los Angeles. But, the fifth floor seems intent on downplaying the concern or in making nice with the incoming administration. Immigrants needs to know that the Church will have their back. This statement falls far short.  

In the Washington Post, former Congressman Tom Perriello has thrown his hat into the ring for the Democratic gubernatorial nomination in the great Commonwealth of Virginia. I wrote about Perriello's 2010 congressional campaign here. He lost that race, but narrowly, far more narrowly than those Dems who ran away from their vote for the Affordable Care Act: He defended the law and, in a very red district, he came close to winning. Let's hope Perriello sticks to his guns on abortion. 


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