Links for 01/21/16

At Alternet, Robert Reich makes the point that the GOP did not simply snap up white working class voters. The Dems abandoned them. He might have also noted that this was not just about economic policy, it was about the Dems' penchant for sticking their finger in the eyes of working class voters, white and black, on cultural issues.

This morning, I noted some of the ways the pro-life movement harms its own cause. Here is another example. The Cardinal Newman Society, the most misnamed group on the planet, undertook a study that shows half of all Catholic colleges are located within a five mil radius of a Planned Parenthood clinic. One's vision has to be pretty narrow to study our Catholic urban campuses and NOT notice all the good they do in their communities, from service projects in poor neighborhoods, to mentoring and tutoring programs for young people, to free concerts, etc. No word in the report about how many Pizza Huts are within that same five mile radius. 

Pope Francis has changed the rubrics for the Mandatum Rite. Now, a priest who decided to wash the feet of women as well as men will not be breaking any rules. Deo Gratias. 



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