Links for 01/26/16

In the Washington Post, Dana Milbank concludes that the Flint water crisis is Gov. Rick Snyder's fault. Kudos to Rachel Maddow for staying on this story until it caught fire. I hope people will draw the obvious conclusion: Just because someone has been successful as a businessperson tells us next to nothing about their suitability as a government official. 

At Forbes, an article about the Puerto Rico crisis illustrates, precisely, what is wrong with so much mainstream economic thinking. A series of economic data points that forgets that the whole purpose of economic activity is human flourishing. I am reminded of what Churchill wrote about Hitler's communications' network at the end of the war: He created a vast spiders' web of communications, but he forgot the spider!

At RNS, Mark Silk points out that Sen. Ted Cruz has a testimony problem that may account for his inability to close the sale with evangelical voters. 


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