Links for 01/27/16

In this morning's Washington Post, Chris Cillizza asks why Secretary Clinton still has no good answer about her emails. He puts his finger on her deeper problem, he tendency to find legalistic answers that only deepen people's suspicions about her trustworthiness. This, more than anything, is why she has such trouble closing the sale. 

At First Things, Richard Mouw has a typically generous article about the "worship wars" in the evangelical churches. Mouw, longtime president of Fuller Theological Seminary, is someone who gives evangelicals a good name, but the poor man has such competition from those determined to give it a bad one. 

All 46 Democratic senators have called for legislation permitting the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico to enter into bankruptcy protection. 

From Ansa Press, the lengths to which Italian authorities went to make Iranian President Rouhani feel comfortable when visiting Rome.

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