Links for 01/31/17

In the category "most repulsive article by a Catholic" on Islam and the "threat" it poses, I nominate this column at Crisis by William Kilpatrick, formerly of Boston College. Not only does he misunderstand Islam, he misunderstands the history of anti-Catholicism. For example, take what he says about the relationship of sharia law to U.S. law, and then re-read the sentence with the words "canon law" appearing wherever he writes about sharia. Bigotry on stilts, to borrow a phrase and an indictment.

How hateful is the opposition to Pope Francis? In this post, Fr. Zuhlsdorf is asked if it is okay to pray for the end of a pontificate. He says he gets this question often and his response is: No.  It is not necessarily sinful to pray for the end of a pontificate, one way or another. Nice.

And, at the Atlantic, Robert P. Jones demonstrates that even the red states do not support deportation of undocumented immigrants. One of my concerns is that the focus on refugees, important though it is, and on the border wall, rich in symbolism, will distract us from the most worrying issue, Trump's effort to vastly expand the deportation police. 

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