Links for 02/01/16

At Commonweal, a very, very important commentary by Cathy Kaveny, refuting the idea that Pope Francis is causing divisions within the Church. She places the blame for the stark divisiveness within the U.S. Church right where it belongs, at the feet of Fr. Neuhaus and his team at First Things. There have been disagreements among churchmen for a longtime, but it was the Catholic neo-cons who conflated political categories with religious ones, and tried to drum those of us inclined to support Democrats out of the Church. 

In Sunday's Washington Post "Outlook" section, Stephen Prothero on how conservatives start the culture wars but usually end up losing them. He mentions the exception, gun control, and I hope in his book he examines why that is such an obvious exception. 

In the NYTimes, Sen. Elizabeth Warren says it is time to enforce the laws against large corporations that almost routinely flout the law. If Hillary Clinton wins the presidency, I hope she gives the Treasury Department to either Sen. Bernie Sanders or to Sen. Warren precisely so that they could show up to meetings with hedge funds, SEC officials at the ready. I am betting that on an issue like taking a haircut on their investments in Puerto Rico bonds, the hedge funds would become more amenable. 


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