Links for 02/03/15

Pope Francis last week gave some hints about how he views environmental issues in an address to farmers. This surely does not sound like "radical environmentalist" talk to me, just good old Catholic Social Teaching. 

But, that does not keep some voices on the right from fretting about our wonderful Pope. At The Federalist, Maureen Mullarkey is at it again, calling Pope Francis a "leftist" and suggesting that right thinking Catholics form a "loyal opposition." Funny she runs straight to a political metaphor and doesn't seem to recognize why that lens doesn't work. 

And, before anyone gives Speaker John Boehner a "profile in courage" medal for calling out conservatives in the Senate over their plans to cripple the executive action President Obama took on immigration, let's remember that the Speaker could have taken the issue off the table if he had just allowed a vote last year on the Senate-passed bill.

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