Links for 02/03/17

So, the USCCB just sent out this "Action Center" alert calling on President Trump to sign executive orders relating to religious liberty. I hope he does so. The question: Did my "Action Center" alert on the executive orders that pertain to the 11 million undocumented, now threatened with a hugely increased deportation force, get lost in the mail? Yeesh.Time for bishops to withhold their tax or some heads to roll. The fifth floor is a Francis-free zone and it is a scandal.

At RNS, the always incisive Mark Silk on Trump's chutzpah at the National Prayer Breakfast. 

And at Commonweal, John Gehring on the disconnect between Trump's desire to wrap himself in the cloak of Judeo-Christian values even while his actions undermine some of the most basic such values. 




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