Links for 02/06/17

In the Boston Globe, Cardinal Sean O'Malley on the need to act justly to immigrants and refugees. This is, for Catholics, a matter of both history and theology. A splendid essay by someone who has spent his entire life ministering to migrant communities. It is also worth reading Cardinal Sean's blog which begins with a brief account and several photos of a meeting he hosted with some of Boston's Muslim leaders. 

From Bloomberg News, 97 companies have filed amicus briefs opposing President Trump's executive orders on migration. 

At Working Class Perspectives, John Russo on the threats to unions, and therefore to the common good of the country, we can expect in the years ahead. I hope people throughout the union movement recognize that Trump will try and divide them just like Nixon did, and that they all lose if they do not stick together.

From Vatican Radio, Pope Francis calls for changing the rules of the modern economy, but the changes he has in mind are not along the lines of repealing Dodd-Frank! I can't wait to hear how our friends at the Acton Institute or the Napa Institute try and deconstruct this speech!



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