Links for 02/07/17

In the Washington Post, Michael Gerson questions if this really has been the "best fortnight in a decade" for conservatives. The (very frightening) money quote:

Trump does not think he needs the support of political and media elites; the only things that really matter in politics are the people and the leader. And it is the leader who interprets the true interests of the people.

At Vatican Insider, how Pope Francis' predecessors give full justification for his own exercise of the magisterium. This is important: Those who oppose the pope do nt contrast him with his predecessors. They contrast him with their particular interpretation of his predecessors. 

Every morning, the first website I visit is the Vatican website, and I go to rinunce e nomine to check out any new appointments. This morning brought a chuckle. For the first time in the history of the Church, which is a long history, a new bishop in Townsville, Australia was named who had previously served as pastor of "Surfer's Paradise." 

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