Links for 02/09/16

At the Public Religion Research Institute, Daniel Cox and Robert P. Jones look at the religious landscape in New Hampshire. Catholics come in second behind the Nones. 

At Millennial, Robert Christian on the Whole Life Movement, and why it is needed. I will have more on this later in the week.

Also at Millennial, Meghan Clark has two posts on the crisis in Flint, one on how it happened and the other on how the lens of Catholic Social Teaching applies to that crisis. One of the things I like about these young theologians is that they write about current events, in real time, and bring the resources of our Catholic intellectual tradition to bear on those events. This is not your grandfather's Ivory Tower!

At The Week,  Michael Brendan Dougherty on how conservative elites disdain working class voters. It is refreshing to know that it is not just liberal elites! 

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