Links for 02/15/16

by Michael Sean Winters

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More really useful data from Public Religion Research Institute: The number of white evangelicals in South Carolina has declined ten points since 2007, from 36 percent to 26 percent. That is still a high number, and evangelicals have extensive social networks that can be tapped to get out the vote. PRRI notes that the number of "nones" has increased, but they lack the social networks needed to help a GOTV effort. 

One televangelist, Mike Murdock, is endorsing Donald Trump. Unsurprisingly, Murdock is one of the "prosperity Gospel" preachers, the worst distortion of the Christian Gospels since Arius!I Of course he likes Trump but to be clear: Those who equate the Gospel with material prosperity despise the Gospel as well as distort it. You can also file this in the category "Only in America." 

I previously linked to this item at The Hill, in which Donald Trump takes a swipe at Pope Francis. Normally, when someone takes a swipe at the Church, the Catholic League responds, often foolishly, but strongly. Alas, apparently one blowhard adores the other as Bill Donohue attacks not the Donald, but the people calling out Trump's nastiness towards the pope.



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