Links for 02/16/16

At Politico, Josh Zeitz warns Republicans against invoking any analogy with the confirmation of Abe Fortas. It is not that the analogy might not be accurate, just that it exposes some of the ugliness that animates the GOP base.

At RNS, Mark Silk makes the point that, Sen. Cruz's assertions notwithstanding, Scalia was no friend to religious liberty claims. I would call attention to Silk's accurate description of the principled behavior of civil libertarians in the wake of the Smith decision. Where are they now?

At the Washington Post, apparently Mt. St. Mary's President Simon Newman has declined the faculty's request that he resign. This saga may be the best Catholic college soap opera of the year, not least because it has such a perfectly cast villain! Not only should Newman go, but the Board that hired him a little more than one year ago needs to do some soul searching too. 



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