Links for 02/18/16

In the New York Times, Linda Greenhouse looks at Justice Scalia's legacy, and how he uniquely furthered the polarization and politicization of the Supreme Court.

Archbishop Charles Scicluna tells the Catholic Herald that every cardinal should watch the movie "Spotlight." I would add that every cardinal should read the newspaper that got the story long before the Boston Globe, and that would be NCR. Still, +Scicluna's comment gives the lie to the idea that everyone in the Church is involved in covering up the scandal. (h/t to Rocco)

Here is a trailer for an upcoming film from our friends at the Acton Institute. If the movie is as bad as the trailer, every bishop who holds a collection for CRS, and for the National Collections office which helps the Church in Latin America and Eastern Europe, etc., should publicly state that the main problem with poverty in the world today is not the result of generosity but of globalization and the way it excludes millions of people from earning even a minimum standard of living.




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