Links for 02/22/16

From our friends at JubileeUSA, a U.S. judge is set to lift the sanctions imposed on Argentina after it failed to come to terms with hedge funds holding out for full repayment of their loans. All other creditors negotiated a settlement, but the hedge funds were, and are, willing to impoverish millions so that they can garner an obscene return on investment. Hence the name "vulture funds." Kudos to JubileeUSA for their work on these issues which have a profound impact on the poorest of the poor.  

In the LATimes, Charles Camosy rightly recalls our nation's ugly history with eugenics and the questions that history raises about our response today to the Zika virus. 

Our friends at Democrats for Life call for new language to the Democratic platform that reminds everyone how many pro-life Democrats there really are. 

Cardinal Sean O'Malley, writing at Crux, about the need for both compassion and safety in our national immigration policy. Quick question: How many bishops will be voting for the Democrat for the first time in their lives this November? 

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