Links for 03/03/17

At Politico, Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross says he and his team are busy finding regulations to eliminate. Mark my words: Ross may prove one of the more dangerous members of Team Trump, not least because a lot of the Russian connections come back to him. More on the Trump Russia problems next week. 

In the Washington Post, turns out that not only is health care complicated, but that confronting it demands wrestling with conflicting values and constituencies. Who knew?

I want to thank everyone for the condolences on the death of Clementine. My best friend sent me a link to this tweet with the caption "What about Ambrose?" Alas, Ambrose's face is already all black, so the ashes would blend in. He is doing his best to give up chasing cats for Lent. Ambrose is having a rough time with Clementine's death. I had to run into town yesterday to do errands and I realized that for the first time in the eight years I have had him, he was alone in the house. It breaks your heart. 


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