Links for 03/08/16

A group of prominent conservative Catholics have taken to the pages of National Review to urge their fellow Republican RCs not to support Donald Trump. Of course, in making the case that today's Republican Party has been a vehicle for Catholic values and interests, they leave a lot out of the picture: immigration, solidarity, economic justice, environmental protection. The list goes on. 

As predicted, the Cardinal Newman Society has denounced Notre Dame's decision to award the Laetare medal to Vice President Joe Biden and former Speaker John Boehner. Of course, they only object to Biden. I suppose they fancy they are a better judge of Catholic identity than Cardinal Donald Wuerl. In any event, their statement was exceedingly weak, and reads like it could have been cut, copied and pasted from 2009. Hell, I could have come up with a better argument. The organization has always been tiresome and now it is also tired. 

At RNS, Mark Silk on the significance of the Catholic vote for Donald Trump in today's Michigan primary. Let's hope that the exit polls start asking about religions other than evangelicals now that the contests are moving into states outside the South. 

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