Links for 03/09/17

by Michael Sean Winters

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In the era of fake news, it is always worthwhile to ask oneself if what you are hearing corresponds to reality. So, for example, if President Trump tweets "the moon is made of cheese" we should ask ourselves if it is a plausible claim. Not included in that "we" would be those who work for Breitbart News, especially disgraced former clerics who work for Breitbart News. Mr, formerly Rev., Thomas Williams has posted an item at Breitbart in which an Italian archbishop claims the Obama administration put pressure on Pope Benedict XVI to resign. Mr, formerly Rev., Williams is also listed as a contributor at Crux. Mr., formerly Rev., Williams is shunned in church circles, which makes it a bit of surprise that he is in the employ of an organization funded by the Knights of Columbus. Carl Anderson: Call your office! But, we now have ample reason in the journalistic community to shun him: He is repeating a ridiculous assertion, and for what possible reason? Click bait?  

From the file "another good reason to vote for Democrats," this article in the Washington Post on the Dems' efforts to block a measure by Republicans that will make it harder for federal workers to unionize. 

At Vox, why conservatives hate universities, and what they do to express that hatred. 

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