Links for 03/15/17

From the Catholic Labor Network, good news that the Loyola University of Chicago is establishing a task force on just employment. After some problems in the past, it is good to see the school's new president, Jo Ann Mulloy, stepping up to the plate and recognizing that part of a Catholic university's Catholic identity is treating its workers in a manner that coheres with Catholic social doctrine. 

From our friends at JubileeUSA, the text of a letter from Puerto Rico's religious leaders, to members of Congress, asking them to act to help the people on that island who are struggling to meet basic social services. Here is a clear moral test of the GOP leadership: Will they side with the hedge funds or with the people? Last year, many GOP leaders were very good on this issue and we can all hope they will be good again this year in a vastly changed political climate. 

At RNS, Mark Silk on the GOP's effort to "make America sick again." 

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