Links for 03/17/16

In this morning's Washington Post, Michael Gerson has a devastating piece that should prick the conscience of all Republicans who are flirting with the idea of supporting Donald Trump. The money quote: "Trump has little history of changing or refining his views through study and policy advice. Many of his goals, while too foolish to implement, are too vivid to revise." Bingo.

Also in this morning's Post, Stu Eizenstadt recalls how Ted Kennedy, Jimmy Carter and Strom Thurmond all worked together to nominate and confirm Stephen Breyer to the Appellate Court, while Carter was a lame duck and the GOP had taken control of the Senate. It seems like a life time ago, but there is no reason the Congress cannot restore that degree of comity again.

At the AFL CIO blog, a call to end these horrific deportations of kids who are only trying to get an education. President Obama needs to curtail ICE's pernicious tactics and do it now.



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