Links for 03/22/17

The administrative committee of the USCCB issued a "pastoral reflection" on immigration at the close of their meeting this week. What they say is fine and needed to be said, yet I can't help noticing that they did not once use the word "undocumented" and note that this is an adjective with no theological or ecclesial significance. The full-throated opposition to the contraception mandate is nowhere to be found in regard to Trump's far more threatening actions and rhetoric towards immigrants.

In this morning's Washington Post, Dana Milbank has a hilarious take on the Gorsuch nomination hearings. The man does say "gosh" a lot.   

The Hope Border Institute makes me proud to be a Catholic. The group just released a report on the ways immigration enforcement officials regularly use their discretion to enforce laws in arbitrary, and potentially illegal, ways. Whenever you hear the Trump administration talk about the need to enforce the law, remember that the law is broken and is often enforced in inhumane ways. 

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