Links for 03/24/17

At Politico, the blame game begins, even before the vote as President Trump lashes out at the Freedom Caucus over their continued opposition to the health care bill. This bill should fail, albeit not for the reasons the Freedom Caucus opposes it, but if it were to pass, the only good thing would be that said caucus would be severely crippled. On the other hand, if the vote fails, Trump will be severely crippled. 

In the Washington Post, Dan Balz looks at the political consequences of the vote. 

Also in the Post this morning, Michael Gerson on how the lies our different political tribes tell each other have set the stage for the mess we are in. 

At Whispers, Rocco has a lovely tribute to Cardinal Keeler. I suspect that calling the late cardinal "The Last Prince of Baltimore" won't get Rocco on someone's Christmas card however. 

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