Links for 03/30/16

At Politico, David Bernstein has a really smart piece comparing Ross Perot in 1992 and Trump today, and how the Clinton Team is well advised not to underestimate the appeal of a non-politician, the fact that voters don't care about details, and the significance of race as a motivating factor in voting. If, as appears likely, November will be a Trump vs. Clinton showdown, she will have to win it. 

And, speaking of 1992, in this morning's Washington Post, an article on how all three GOP contenders stepped away from their previous pledge to support the eventual nominee of their party. A third party candidacy would open the possibility of Clinton winning something like 40 states and the GOP losing the House to boot. 

At SCOTUSBlog, an analysis of the court's order for new briefs in the HHS contraception mandate cases. 


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