Links for 04/03/17

At the Working-​Class Perspectives blog, Sherry Linkon and John Russo argue, persuasively, that the resistance to Trump movement must keep its eye on issues of economic justice. Enough with the bathroom wars. 

I am sticking with my conviction that, if I had a vote, I would vote to confirm Judge Neil Gorsuch, but I admit that this article at VOX made me realize how the process for selecting judges could use a broader set of criteria: It has been twenty-five years since their was a justice on the Supreme Court with experience as a defense attorney. 

From the category "lousy analysis": At Crux, Kathryn Jean Lopez writes about Pope Francis and Cardinal Burke. Why was this article written? Why was it published?

Yesterday marked the anniversary of the death of St. Pope John Paul II. I have come to the conclusion that his pontificate was a very mixed bag, but I could not help but be moved by this video of a soccer match at Poland that was stopped, and then suspended, as the news of the pope's death was announced.


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