Links for 04/07/15

Over at Global Pulse, Tony Annett and John Gehring ask if Pope Francis can brake the political stalemate on climate change. They are a tad more hopeful then me. I think the resistance to responsible climate change policies on the American right will remain steadfast, not least because so much of the right's intellectual apparatus is funded by extraction industry poobaahs. 

From the category - and you are commenting on this why? - Archbishops William Lori and Charles Chaput assess the fall out from the Indiana RFRA mess in a statement signed with two Baptists and Robbie George. Newsflash: Indiana has bishops and they issued their own, quite different, statement. More on this tomorrow or next day.

So proud, and so happy: Bishop David O'Connell kept his promise to be back at the alter in his cathedral for Holy Week after having his left leg amputated below the knee at Christmas. A story in courage and the solidarity of prayer.  (h/t Rocco)



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