Links for 04/18/16

At RNS, Charles Camosy opines on who is not "paying his fair share"....Bernie Sanders! I think the level of charitable giving is not the problem. The 13.5 marginal tax rate is devastating. About the same as Mitt Romney.

At Salon, Danielle Corcione is in a tizzy because her hero Bernie Sanders is not doing well with superdelegates, and this frustrates the "will of the people." Except that Hillary has garnered about two million more votes than Sanders, who manages to win in small caucus states with low voter turnout. Sanders needs to cut this line of argument off at the pass. After Tuesday, if he does not win New York, he can stay in the race but he needs to stop undermining the eventual nominee. 

The Supreme Court is hearing oral arguments on the immigration case today. Politico notes that the liberals and conservatives on the Court have switched their usual roles for this one. 

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