Links for 04/19/16

From our friends at JubileeUSA, it turns out that the humanitarian crisis in Puerto Rico is even worse than previously estimated. A new study indicates that 57 percent of the children on the island are in households living below the poverty line. These are the people who should be made to pay up so that the hedge funds can reap an exorbitant profit? 

For all you political junkies, Politico examines how New York's electorate today is likely to breakdown based on previous elections, region by region. I had forgotten that Hillary Clinton won Cong. Charlie Rangel's district in 2008, when she was running against Barack Obama! That district could really swell her margin tonight, provided they turn out. 

From the Boston Pilot, a story about the restoration of a portrait of Pope Pius VII, who was one of the greatest pontiffs of all time. Among my proudest possessions is a small reproduction of the famous portrait of Pius VII executed by Jacques Louis David.  It was given to me by the late, great Msgr. John Tracy Ellis when he moving out of his apartment at Curley Hall and into a room at the Little Sisters of the Poor home, where he would not have room for it. I treasure it enormously and always smile when I look at it, remembering both the great pope and the great teacher.  


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