Links for 05/01/17

by Michael Sean Winters

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President Trump did not get any funding for his border wall out of Congress, and his Muslim ban is tied up in the courts. But, as the Washington Post reports this morning, one of his strategies is working: fear. 

And, Politico documents the fact that the crackdown on immigrants is going full tilt, wall or no wall. Bishops: Start your engines. 

Also in the WaPo, why do Democrats use the excuse that they do not want to "nationalize" a race to justify not getting involved? Sloth is the short answer, followed by narrowness of vision. It would take time to learn about flyover country and, besides, members of Congress are less interested in winning new seats and putting themselves in the majority than they are with reducing the amount of time they need to spend raising money. 

Today is the Feast of St. Joseph the Worker, also known once as the worldwide day of communist celebration. In the spirit of of the day, here is Billy Bragg singing his own updating of the Internationale, though I wish they had ditched the pic of Lenin:


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