Links for 05/03/16

I have long stated that Andrew Sullivan has a tin ear for American politics. His latest at New York magazine, in which he warns that our democracy is on the ropes from too little oligarchy and too much democracy, proves the point yet again.

At PRRI, a breakdown of Indiana by religious affiliation. I was surprised Catholics did not make up a larger proportion, but the whole state is not South Bend. The religious demographics line up with the kind of electorate Sen. Ted Cruz thought would propel him to victory but it turns out plenty of evangelicals are more than willing to back Trump. 

And, at RNS, Mark Silk believes a Hillary v. Trump mashup in the fall will shrink the "God gap" between the two parties. While there have not been enough polls on religious affiliation, apart from white evangelicals, the data we do have suggests that Trump is not doing as well as most Republicans among those who attend church weekly or more often. I suspect also that this cohort overlaps with an older demographic which is more likely to reject Trump's coarseness and back Hillary's steadiness. 



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