Links for 05/03/17

At USNews, the Governor of Puerto Rico today asked the federal control board to invoke Title 3, allowing the Commonwealth to enter bankruptcy proceedings. No idea why the governor did not do this over the weekend: Monday morning, a slew of lawsuits were filed against the island. But, better late than never. Let's hope this sets a precedent against forced austerity, of the kind forced on Greece, and in favor of letting the hedge funds take a large haircut. The control board has called for an 80% haircut which would be unprecedented. 

In the Washington Post, Democratic Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi comes out four square against DNC Chair Tom Perez' claims that Democratic candidates should face a litmus test on abortion. Perez needs to walk back his statement or calls for his resignation should be forthcoming. 

In line with my post this morning, and from the almost always brilliant John Oliver, an hilarious segment on Ayn Rand:


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