Links for 05/05/17

At Commonweal, video of an event this week on Catholicism in the Age of Trump. I was glad to see Leslie Tentler spank Andrew Sullivan, whose sweeping generalizations about US culture are usually based, as in this case, on a distorted understanding of US history. Andrew is always smart and sharp, but not always right. John Gehring demonstrated that it is possible to be incisive without being obnoxious. 

At Reuters, a report on Moody's praise for the decision by the Puerto Rico governor and control board to enter Title 3 bankruptcy proceedings. This is important to note: Most bondholders remember what happened in Argentina, where the vulture funds decision to hold out not only wreaked havoc on the Argentine poor, submitting them to austerity measures, but also harmed other bondholders! 

And at the Washington Post, why Trump needs to keep the conservative media with him. Turns out Rush Limbaugh matters more than Paul Ryan. 

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