Links for 05/06/16

At Politico, Matt Latimer outlines the seven signs of the apocalypse, I mean the twelve signs that Donald Trump might win the general election in November. Latimer is right about the importance of the large Midwestern industrial states: Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan and Wisconsin, but he is wrong about the need for Hillary to reach out to Republicans in order to win. The last thing she needs to do is run to the center on jobs and the economy. 

Every once in awhile, the Washington Post shows its ideological biases really painfully. This article, including the headline, shows how biased they are on issues of health care. If the ACLU is so upset that Catholic hospitals do not perform abortions, let them team up with NARAL and build some of their own hospitals. And, a heads up to our friends at the USCCB: If you want to lose this battle, label it a "religious liberty" struggle. You have ruined that brand while Sr. Carol and countless other devoted women religious continue to ensure that Catholic health care flourishes. The bishops should stand aside and let Sr. Carol handle this fight.

At Commonweal, Tony Annett lists his objections to the USCCB religious liberty video about which I wrote on Wednesday. Having read Tony's piece, I realize the video is even worse than I thought!

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