Links for 05/13/16

The Left often, and rightly, claims the mantle of science for its positions but, according to this article in NYDaily News by Charles Camosy, one technological development affecting neonatal life is about to challenge liberals to choose between science and their slavish devotion to exceedingly liberal abortion laws. 

At RNS, Mark Silk reflects on the state of the culture wars and how his sons' generation is so very different from his own. This deserves more than a quick blog post Mr. Silk. I want the book!

From Zenit, Pope Francis reflects on everyone's favorite parable, the Prodigal. 

And, today is the last day of our webathon. If you are reading this, you are getting it for free on your computer, but that does not mean it is free to produce NCR! Please help us out so we can keep doing what we do!

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