Links for 05/15/17

At the Tablet, a fun little piece I did on the weirdness of Trump's foreign policy at the 100 day mark. 

At Politico, a look at how the abortion issue is affecting two senators who try to avoid the extremes.

Everyone will have read my colleague Tom Roberts' look at the finances of the Knights of Columbus, posted this morning. To show how slavish the Knights are to the GOP, look at this column by Supreme Knight Carl Anderson who labels the current moment "A Pro-Life Moment." He notes the reversal of the Mexico City policy, efforts to defund Planned Parenthood and the appointment of a conservative jurist to the high court. He leaves out President Trump bragging about "the Mother of All Bombs" to say nothing of the prospect of a slow death due to global warming or a quick one due to screwy diplomacy with North Korea. I will post my own thoughts on the K of C financing story tomorrow. 

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