Links for 05/16/17

In Commonweal, John Gehring undertakes a deep analysis of the dynamics at the World Meeting of Social Movements in Modesto, California earlier this year. The key takeaway: Bishops to need spend more time with activists in their communities and less time with well-heeled donors. 

The Roanoke Times looks at Virginia candidate Tom Perriello and how he has calibrated his religiosity for a statewide run. I would be more convinced of the role of faith in his commitment to public service if Perriello had stuck to his pro-life guns, which were never extreme to begin with. But woe betide the Democrats who challenges the pro-choice orthodoxy of the Democratic Party, and especially the fundraising power of the pro-choice groups.

Speaking of the Democrats, Politico reports that Hillary Clinton is forming a new political organization. She says they will support other groups. Then, why not just invite people to give money to those groups? Because the cashflow will keep Mrs. Clinton living in the style to which she has grown accustomed. It is disgusting. No one should send this new group a single dime.

Also at Politico, it turns out that stock trading in ways that suggest a conflict of interest is a bipartisan game on Capitol Hill. This is the kind of behavior that leads people to want to "drain the swamp" and we know what happens when people think that way. 

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