Links for 05/17/16

From the Communications Workers of America, news that Verizon is off-shoring many more jobs than previously admitted. The company chased the investigators with an armed private security force.

At The New York Times, a "rift" between labor and environmental groups, and within the labor movement too. Hedge fund zillionaire Tom Steyer is donating money to a joint fund with labor to help elect Democrats, and some unions that do not appreciate Steyer's hedge fund roots, nor his advocacy against the Keystone Pipeline, are upset. I say, "The Devil has had that money long enough!" And, I would encourage the labor unions not to be too upset. Healthy organizations seek converts not heretics. We all need to transition to sustainable energy, but the transition must be a just transition. At the end of the day, the unions and Steyer have more in common than either have with the Koch Brothers and their political allies. 

From the USCCB and CARA, more good news on the ordination front: The numbers of ordinands has been growing for for years straight. 

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