Links for 05/18/16

Happy Birthday Catholic Social Doctrine! 125 years ago today, Pope Leo XIII promulgated Rerum Novarum, the seminal encyclical of the papal magisterium on questions about social justice. It still reads well. It is still too often ignored bhy many Catholics. And, its call for a more just social order is still relevant. 

Between now and the election, journalists will distinguish themselves, or not, based on their ability to question Donald Trump in real time when he makes assertions that are demonstrably false. The latest? His statement that Oakland, California and Ferguson, Missouri were among the most dangerous places on earth. Politico has the story. And, if you don't think the inclusion of Ferguson is a dog whistle to racists, you are not paying attention.  


At NPR, a report on why one Republican mayor stopped questioning the science around climate change: His city is sinking! Let's hope it does not take something like this to convince the rest.


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