Links for 05/22/17

In the Wall Street Journal, Peter Berkowitz looks at the circumstances that led to the resignation of Paul Griffiths from the Duke Divinity faculty. There are such things as liberal fascists who practice political correctness to a degree that warrants censure or mockery or both. That they got away with it at Duke, is shocking. What self-respecting university lets its leading scholars be driven away because he hurt someone's feelings!!

Commonweal publishes a letter from Griffiths, addressed to the university community at Duke, and the wider academy. The money quote:

Harsh and direct disagreement places thought under pressure. That’s its point. 

From our sister publication: A Place to Call Home, a new series focusing on women religious helping people who are homeless. Read more

On the other hand, theologian Nicole Flores writes at America about what it is like teaching theology at "Mr. Jefferson's University." 

At the New York Daily News, John Gehring looks ahead to the meeting between Pope Francis and President Trump.


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