Links for 05/23/16

In this morning's Washington Post, E. J. Dionne on the need to link populist rhetoric with populist policies. In one sense Dionne is right, but it is not clear it will matter: Trump's verbiage and demeanor resonate with people and they are willing to overlook the fact that he does not have much in the way of policy proposals. If you think policy determines elections, ask President Al Gore if that's the case.

At Politico, Sen. Bernie Sanders would rather grandstand on the Puerto Rico deal than find a solution that works. The senator is himself not very alert to the demands of democracy at times, just as his supporters who chant "Bernie or bust" do not seem to grasp how democracies must function if they are to b successful, e.g., through compromise. Again, it is not only our friends on the right who ignore the needs of real people in favor of the demands of ideology. 

At RealClearPolitics, Peter Berkowitz on Yuval Levin's new book. I have not read the book, so I can't assess the review, but I am delighted whenever I see a non-Catholic use the term "subsidiarity" and using it well. 

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