Links for 05/26/16

In the Washington Post, Jared Bernstein, of the Center on  Budget and Policy Priorities, explains why the Puerto Rico legislation negotiated b the Obama administration and Speaker Paul Ryan should be supported. 

Yesterday, I called attention to one of the most painful moments for supporters of Hillary Clinton, her interview with Scott Pelley. Here is another, her claim that she landed in Bosnia under fire. And, she wonders why people don't find her trustworthy? I stick by what I have said in the past: She is not marrying into my family so I do not need to trust her very much, and I am actually content trusting someone who follows their political interest as much as someone like President Obama who follows his instincts about what he thinks is right. 

At Moyers & Company, Mike Lofgren takes aim at Andrew Sullivan's silly argument for, I don't know what, more aristocracy? Lofgren's analysis is much smarter than Sullivan's. 

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