Links for 06/01/15

At Commonweal, Fr. Robert Imbelli reflects on "Trinitarian Communion" which is, of course, what it is ALL about. 

Check out Raymond Arroyo at EWTN and his interview with Ralph Martin. Arroyo, who seems intent on becoming lead cheerleader for the anti-Francis team, asks the theologian about the forthcoming encyclical on the environment: "Is it a magisterial teaching?" and later asserts "But, it's not dogmatic." The whole segment is dreary and depressing, but the talk about the encyclical is at minute 51:00.

Not to be outdone, Fr. Robert Sirico, of the Acton Institute has released a video about the forthcoming encyclical in which he assures his audience that the encyclical will affirm that "Christians do not worship nature." Phew. I had heard that C-Fam was worried the Holy Father was going to rip the tomb of the apostle from out of the confessio at St. Peter's and install a statue to Gaia instead. 

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