Mark Piper, a Packers fan in an unholy land, works in the nonprofit sector. He resides in Chicago with his family and holds a master's in leadership and policy studies from DePaul University and a bachelor's from St. Xavier University; he is an alumus of Amate House, a year of service organization sponsored by the Chicago Archdiocese.

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At the table of plenty, is there room for me?

Lots of Catholics are exasperated these days, and the church feels empty to them. But church leaders are making no effort to bring them back or ask why they left the church. If the message is, "Don't let the door hit you on the way out; don't bother us anymore," it has been received loud and clear.


How to be anti-racist at work: suggestions for white Catholics

Young Voices: White people must educate other white people about racism, privilege and value-judgements entrenched in the systemic injustices that pervade professional life. I think it is imperative to speak on this now.


Catholic social (doctrine) distancing: St. Xavier busts its faculty union

Young Voices: Amid a pandemic, I don't envy the responsibilities of a president or board (or staff or faculty) at any college. But a crisis is not an occasion to abscond from Catholicity or responsibilities.


An update from your 'national parks of the soul': retreat centers during pandemic

Young Voices: Every colleague of mine has been burdened and vexed. We're figuring out how to pivot, how to live our mission as places of welcome, acceptance and healing, under a new and existential duress.