Mark Piper, a Packers fan in an unholy land, works in the nonprofit sector. He resides in Chicago with his family and holds a master's in public policy from DePaul University and a bachelor's from St. Xavier University; he is an alumus of Amate House, an AmeriCorps-approved year of service organization sponsored by the Chicago Archdiocese.

He writes for NCR's Young Voices blog.

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'The church that raised me rejected me'

Young Voices: I reunited with an old friend, a gay woman, who was willing to share with me, a straight man, her pain and wistful reminiscence of a church that seemed to reject her.


The screens and me: a crisis in parenting

When my children see me fix my gaze on screens large and small, I'm afraid they will imitate my behavior, which is neither good for the body nor the soul. I'm failing at the ministry of presence in my own home.



Let the church die, so that the church might live

Young Voices: Catholic ritual and liturgies counter our culture's death-denial. But what of a church that refuses to look upon itself and denies that it is in its own season of death?


Ikea insight for Catholics: When home doesn't feel like home

Young Voices: Are the five core needs identified by Ikea to engender the feeling of home similar to the core needs of a Catholic to feel at home in a parish?