Mark Piper, a Packers fan in an unholy land, works in the nonprofit sector. He resides in Chicago with his family and holds a master's in public policy from DePaul University and a bachelor's from St. Xavier University; he is an alumus of Amate House, an AmeriCorps-approved year of service organization sponsored by the Chicago Archdiocese.

He writes for NCR's Young Voices blog.

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Election 2020: encountering exhaustion, agony and hope

Young Voices: The young adults I listened to at a recent panel discussion on politics held at Catholic Theological Union choose to engage their faith and our shared political life not through ridicule and criticism but through proclamation and witness. It was a vote of confidence in the future.


Take a trip to visit the other neighbors

Young Voices: Every wall that is built, every journey of justice we refuse, every divisive tweet that is fired off, signifies a theft from the dignity of Christ our brother, from those who are our neighbors.


Love separates the social justice advocate from social justice warrior

Young Voices: There are some whose social justice work can be a balm to those they serve. There are also those who are as vicious as St. Peter cutting off someone's ear — though today the cutting tends to be from trolling words.


Transcribing Dorothy Day: Who wouldn't want to help make a saint?

Young Voices: Then again, who really makes a saint? After my very small role in the canonization process, the best answer I have is that, responding to the grace of God, we can make ourselves into saints.