Links for 06/06/16

by Michael Sean Winters

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I know that delectatio morosa is a sin. That said, this bizarre interview with Ken Starr seems like just, albeit tardy, desserts. 

At Politico, Karl Jacoby conducts an historical survey of the border and discovers the times when Mexico thought it needed to build a wall to keep the U.S. out!

Mark Silk, at RNS, agrees with me that the naysayers are wrong and Pope Francis' motu proprio is a real, and significant, step towards accountability for bishops.

We were supposed to have severe weather this weekend, and so while consulting the Weather Channel online, I came across this photo essay about "weird" bridges. I would not say they were weird so much as they are imaginative and, how sad it is that none of them are in the US where we have convinced ourselves that even though we are the richest country on the planet, we do not have money to do nifty things like this anymore. 

Today is the anniversary of D Day. Looking back, it is easy to think it was an inevitable success but remember that the Brits were supposed to capture Caen on the first day and it was only captured on August 6. The bravery of the soldiers who stormed the shores of Normandy still boggles the mind and still demands our remembrance and our tribute.

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