Links for 06/14/17

At the Center for Migration Studies, the text of a recent talk by Cardinal Daniel DiNardo on the topic of immigration. It is very well done which begs the question: Why don't the statements coming from the USCCB, when DiNardo is President, sound this strong? 

At the USCCB website, the text of Archbishop Christophe Pierre's talk to the bishops at their spring meeting. He schools them on Aparecida and encourages them to greater solidarity as constituitive of evangelization. Really fine speech and I will focus on this and other happenings at the meeting on Friday.

At Politico, questions about whether Jon Ossoff is progressive enough? The candidate for the Dems in Georgia's 6th district does not support single payer health care or a hike in tax rates, and I support both. But, I am more opposed to litmus tests of any stripe. Still, there is a danger that the Democrats mark out their centrism by sucking up to big money and Wall Street, while being hyper-aggressive on abortion and other culture war issues. Ossoff is running in the suburbs but until the Democrats can win in rural America, they will be at a structural disadvantage. The perfect Dem candidate for winning back seats from Republicans is a pro-life Dem who wants to sock it to the rich on their tax bill.


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