Links for 06/16/17

At Time magazine, Elizabeth Dias looks at the new generation of priests and how their vocations are both similar to and different from those of their predecessors. Really nicely done piece.

It is not every day I see something at The Federalist that I like, but this commentary by Matthew Petrusek on the limits of "centrism" is exceedingly fine and touches on something I shall be addressing next week, namely, how to determine when an equivalence is a false equivalence. 

At Mosaic, Peter Berkowitz reviews Gertrude Himmelfarb's latest book and pronounces it a "balm for the pathology of postmodernism." I had not planned on reading Himmelfarb's book but now I think I should!

I spent my morning transplanting forsythia and tiger lilies in advance of the rain, and rain always makes  me think of this exquisite aria from Handel's "Solomon" - "Will the sun forget to streak?" here sung by Sarah Connolly:



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