Links for 06/22/16

Our friends at Public Religion Research Institute look at public attitudes on DAPA and immigration more generally, as we all get ready for the anticipated ruling from the Supreme Court.

In the Boston Pilot, Archbishop Roberto Gonzalez calls on all Puerto Ricans, on the island and in the diaspora, to help "refound" Puerto Rico, its culture and its identity. 

At Commonweal, John Gehring argues for a less combative approach to religious liberty than the one being pursued by the bishops. It may be too late and my conservative friends tend to think there was never a real window of opportunity to find common sense solutions to the challenges religions face in the public square. But, hell, Gehring's approach could not be less productive than the one the bishops are pursuing, could it? 

BEST STORY OF THE WEEK, OF THE MONTH!!!!! The University of Notre Dame has been entrusted by the Archbishop of Dublin with the care of John Henry Newman's University Church, and the founding of an Institute on the Faith & Reason. The professional culture warriors at the poorly named Cardinal Newman Society should be weeping in their Guinness.  

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