Links for 06/23/17

Asking Rich Lowry for advice about the Democratic Party is a little like asking a vegetarian whether you should go with the veal chop or the ribeye. But, in this essay at Politico, he makes some good points about how the cultural signals Democrats send are all wrong if they want to compete in places like Georgia's 6th congressional district. I don't think people expect Dems to flip on these issues, they just would like it if they were not made to feel like bumpkins for holding to more traditional values. 

At the Washington Post, an interview with Alejandro Chavez of Democracy for America on the same themes. Chavez agrees that it is time for new leadership for the Dems.

Speaking of new leadership, Christine Emba at WaPo, looks at the different types of future for the Dems represented by Jon Ossoff and Randy Bryce. The latter is now my favorite candidate and if it were not against journalistic ethics and house rules to send him money, I would. 

More on these issues next week.

For your weekend relaxation, this documentary on Bad Ischl brough back happy memories of one of the most beautiful places on earth. Even if your German is lousy or non-existant, you can make out the story. 


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