Links for 06/27/17

At Politico, Mitchell Stephens says good riddance to nonpartisan journalism. I am of two minds about this. It was undoubtedly good for the country to have the likes of Walter Cronkite and John Chancellor explaining the news to Americans during very tumultuous times, but it is impossible not to see how unique that moment was.

At the Washington Post, a map that illustrates how the Republican health care bill will affect different regions of the country if it passes. 

In the NYTimes, Daniel Williams on the Democrats' "religion problem." Most frustrating? Some of us have been warning them for a long time that there was such a problem, but the movers and shakers of the political consultancy class go to brunch, not church, on Sunday mornings.  

Explore this NCR special report with recent articles on the topic of immigration and family separation.

I think Mike Gerson is one of the finest op-ed writers in the business, even when he depresses me, as he did today. 

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