Links for 06/28/16

With a view towards tomorrow's expected vote in the U.S. Senate on PROMESA, the legislation to address the fiscal and humanitarian crisis in Puerto Rico, JubileeUSA explains why the July 1 deadline really matters. As I noted yesterday, some Democrats are buying the agitprop from the hedge funds that the legislation does not have to pass now, that the deadline does not matter, by which they are really simply trying to kill the legislation. We expect such behavior, and lies, from the hedge funds: That is how they got the name vulture funds. But, to see Democrats carrying their water is disgusting. 

At his blog, Bishop Daniel Flores reflects on immigration, law and cynicism. I was going to comment on this, and may yet. It is very thoughtful and Flores' brother bishops should reflect upon their complicity in this decline in our nation's political life, and what can be done to overcome it. 

In my post this morning, I wrote about quitting smoking. Of course, I have put on 10 pounds in the past two months, cannot fit into my suit, and even had trouble buttoning a dress shirt this morning so I could put on a tie. All the Twizzlers and Oreos throughout the day, and Maria cookies with coffee and the newspaper, etc. And, you take Splenda with your coffee instead of sugar. Then you find out: Splenda causes cancer too!  It is enough to make one want to start smoking again!

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