Links for 06/30/16

by Michael Sean Winters

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Ambivalence in the conservative Christian community according to NPR: Will they make religious liberty a centerpiece of their political identity and, if so, how can they justify their anti-Muslim views? This is a real test of the Baptist roots of many of these evangelical churches. 

The Washington Post gives a mostly balanced account of the PROMESA legislation to address Puerto Rico's fiscal and humanitarian crisis. I do not question the motives of all the senators who voted against the legislation. I wish the guarantees for pensions had been stronger too. Still, the people pushing to delay or kill the bill were the hedge funds and while I know Sen. Warren and Sen. Sanders do not do their bidding, some of the others should examine their consciences. Even our friends in labor need to recognize that the bill got the moral claims in the right order: First, the poor, then the pensions and then the investors.

As a devoted fan of the UConn Lady Huskies, I never cheered for Pat Summitt's teams, but as she has gone to God, all fans of women's basketball are mindful of all Ms. Summitt did for the sport as both the coach of teh Tennessee Volunteers and of the U.S. Olympic Team. Here is the WaPo tribute. 

This year, the 18th of June fell on a Saturday, and I neglected to call attention to one of the great speeches of resistance and freedom in recent history. Here is part of Gen DeGaulle's great address to the people of France on June 18, 1940.



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